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One of the most missed features for those transitioning from Paradox to Delphi has been the lack of a DynArray. Until now!

Software Technology offers a component that adds DynArray features to Delphi with greater control than what was available under Paradox.

What is an STDynArray? Like a regular Array an STDynArray is an indexed list of values, but while a regular Array is indexed by integers, an STDynArray is indexed by strings. In addition, an STDynArray is limited in size only by available memory. Values can be added and removed from it with great ease. For example:

X['abc'] := 10; { X now contains 1 element }
X['def'] := 'This is a test'; { X now contains 2 elements }
X.RemoveItem('abc'); { X now contains 1 element again }

STDynArray also contains methods that allow you to easily copy the contents of a record in a table to and from an STDynArray. For example, the following code:

  X.View('BioLife Table','Field Name','Value');

produces the following:

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Each field in Table1's current record becomes an entry in the STDynArray where the field's name becomes the index for that element of the STDynArray and the field's value becomes the value of that element in the STDynArray.

By the same token, CopyToDataSet can be used to copy the contents of such a STDynArray to the active record of a table. For each element in the STDynArray, if the index matches a field name in the table, the value is copied into that field. Any typecasting that may be necessary is performed automatically.

"Whether you're looking for an understandable way to copy records, collect variable amounts of information or find a way to do modify-restructure type operations in the midst of an application, STDynArray is a plug-in working solution."

"I'm a Delphi user. I don't know the internals without a big book open beside me. All I do with Delphi is create program modules that my clients are very happy to pay me a good deal of money for. I use tools provided by third-party vendors to make these programs quickly and with a minimum of bugs. STDynArray from Software Technology makes it into every program I write these days. As with the eating recommendation of truckers, you should pay attention to the third-party recommendations of this self-admitted Delphi user and NON-expert."

Gary Mugford
Idea Mechanic Inc.

What About Resizable Arrays?

Delphi 4 introduced the ability to create what they call dynamic arrays. However, this is merely a resizable array and cannot be indexed by strings, nor as easily resized, the way that STDynArrays can. Certainly this is a valuable addition to Delphi, but it does not in any way obsolete the use of STDynArrays.

Ordering Information

STDynArray is available for Delphi versions 2 and beyond.

$40 without source
$75 with full source code

Call (323) 663-8000 or order online.

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