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Client projects

For PCSC (www.1pcsc.com) we built a graphical system that permits a facility to monitor the alarm points throughout the facility, and access both live and stored video utilizing disparate DVR hardware/software. This system utilizes graphics, databases and TCP/IP communication.

Also for PCSC (www.1pcsc.com) we built a multi-threaded TCP/IP communication platform that permits multiple clients to communicate with the various panels throughout a facility. This high-performing solution allows for communications to occur to and from each panel independently of other panels.

For Timely Prefinished Steel Door Frames (www.timelyframes.com) we built a tool that permits the design of sophisticated Door Frame, sidelite and transom combinations applying complex business rules to generate a bill of materials necessary to build each design. This system serves as the heart of the Timely Order Entry system and generates detailed reports for use on the factory floor allowing Timely to maximize their throughput.

For UCLA Capital Programs (www.ucla.edu) we built an automated document generation system that permits a user to piece together complex contracts to meet the needs of a department that is responsible for administering over $1.7 Billion in the last 21 years. This system permits numerous alternative boilerplate to be combined together to meet the needs of both the contractor and UCLA.

Also for UCLA Capital Programs we assisted in the development of project-planning software that allows UCLA to monitor the progress of each of the projects under their administration.

For ATI Windows (www.atiwindows.com) we assisted in the development of systems that are used in a lean manufacturing environment to monitor custom windows being built. This system routes the jobs to various work cells and from work cell to work cell.

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